RRAS is a full service, turn key solution for distressed and investor owned assets.  We provide claim recovery solutions for owners, investors and aggregators alike. If you're assets have sustained damage and you want a licensed claims professional to ensure you get a fair settlement, give us a call!  We've got adjuster's licensed in nearly every state, ready to handle every situation.  

Our Misssion is to protect, and look out for our clients interests when insurable losses occur. We pride ourselves on being policy experts, interpreting, educating and ensuring insurance carriers follow all policy provisions guarantees fair and equitable settlements. 

Storms and accidents happen, but we've got the tools to better help you handle them. We're policy experts, helping you understand what is owed, and working with your carrier to gurantee a fair settlement. 

Storms break homes and take away your stuff.  We're here to help put all that back together. Our team of licensed experts will help you navigate the confusing insurance policy.

Remember, you don't have to take a quick check from the insurance company thinking you have no rights.  Let us show you how to navigate the one sided contract called the policy of insurance, and how to win!

Claims Success Stories

A multi-family client was struggling with an insurance carrier who advised their claim was only worth $360,000.  Their roofer advised work was far in excess of that number, but had no ability to recover more funding.... that is until they called us.  After our reinspection with the insurance company, we secured a $508,000 settlement for our clients. 

A single-family owner contacted us after about a month of fighting with their insurance company themselves before calling for help.  After a few phone calls, and a 30 minute reinspection with an adjuster, we secured an additional $25,000 in settlement funds.  

If you think you've got no options, and don't understand insurance, get a licensed public adjuster in your corner.  You owe it to yourself to know as much about the policy as your insurance company does.  We look our for the little guy, because we've lost ourselves, and are dedicated to helping others not take a bad beat. 

-Brad Bordelon COO